How To Change LinkedIn Page Name? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Changing your Linkedin company page name means that you are deciding to move away from the brands that helped your business get where it is today and take on something new, fresh, and innovative.

In this LinkedIn page tutorial, we are going to show you how to change the LinkedIn company page name and everything else related to this.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to change LinkedIn page name, check out thons eon:

How To Change LinkedIn Page Name?

To change LinkedIn page name:

  1. Open the LinkedIn page you want to change the name of
  2. To change the LinkedIn company page, click on the pencil icon under the cover photo.
  3. Select the ‘Page info’ info tab on LinkedIn company page
  4. Under the Update Page Information’ section, find the page name field
  5. Change the LinkedIn company page namechange LinkedIn page name - company pages
  6. Save the change

If you have followed these instructions, you should have been able to change the LinkedIn page name.

Other things you can change on a LinkedIn page when you do a company rebrand

Besides changing the LinkedIn company page name, you can also change other important information on your LinkedIn business page.

Other things you can change on your LinkedIn Page:

Rules and restrictions of changing a LinkedIn company page name

Although as you can see it is fairly easy to change the page name of a LinkedIn company page, just because you have changed the page name, LinkedIn might not approve the LinkedIn company page name change request. (See next section for more details.)

Also, there are certain rules and restrictions related to the LinkedIn company page name, that you should know about:

  • LinkedIn company pages can’t use any variation of “LinkedIn” in their page name
  • LinkedIn business page names can’t contain false or misleading information
  • LinkedIn company pages must accurately reflect the organization represented by the Page
  • LinkedIn company pages must match the name of the business, school, brand, or organization
  • LinkedIn page names can’t be abusive or infringe on another person’s or entity’s rights

If you violate any of these guidelines, LinkedIn is likely to remove your LinkedIn page, or you will be required to change the LinkedIn page name immediately.

Can’t change LinkedIn page name

Even if you comply with the LinkedIn page rules and guidelines when you change your LinkedIn page name, it is still possible that LinkedIn will not approve your page name change request, especially if the change is not a minimal technical change.

First, you have to be a LinkedIn page Super Admin to be able to change the LinkedIn page name. If you have a lower-level LinkedIn business page role, you won’t be able to change the name of the LinkedIn company page.

Secondly, if the changes are not minimal, then LinkedIn will probably not approve your request to change the LinkedIn page name.

Here are some examples from LinkedIn when a page name change will likely to be approved.

examples of valid LinkedIn company page name changes

Here are some examples where your change request will be more likely to get rejected:

examples of invalid LinkedIn page name changes

If LinkedIn doesn’t approve the name change of your LinkedIn company page, your only option is to create a new LinkedIn company page and then migrate your LinkedIn page followers to the new page.

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