Ezoic Pro Review: Is Ezoic Pro Worth It? [in 2022]

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Are wondering if Ezoic Pro is worth it or if it is a waste of money? Find out from this Ezoic Pro Review.

In this Ezoic Pro article first, we will explain what Ezoic Pro is, what features you will get access to if you purchase Ezoic Pro, what is the main difference between Ezoic Pro vs Premium, and how much Ezoic Pro costs & more.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is Ezoic Pro & how does Ezoic Pro work?

Ezoic Pro is one of the paid subscription products of Ezoic that allows you to use certain advanced features that are not part of the standard package of Ezoic.

ezoic pro

These Ezoic Pro features include:

  • Yield Reports,
  • Unlimited Tag Tester,
  • Leap (for non-monetization users),
  • Multi-User Login

By the way, if you are not familiar with Ezoic, it is a premium advertising network and tech platform for publishers that almost all publishers can join to make great income from serving display ads on their website.

To learn more about Ezoic, check out these tutorials:

Ezoic Pro Features

So, let’s explain what these Ezoic Pro features enable you to do and if they worth the relatively low price of Ezoic Pro.

Ezoic Yield Reports

First, when you are an Ezoic Pro subscriber, you will get access to Ezoic Yield reports in Ezoic Big Data Analytics.

With Ezoic Yields you are going to be able to view and analyze ad placeholders, ad locations, ad sizes, demand partners, ad density on your website.

You can use these data to compare with other Ezoic websites and see where you can optimize your ads even more to make more display ad revenue

This is definitely a very useful Ezoic Pro feature that you can gain a ton of insights from.

Unlimited Tag Tester

Another Ezoic Pro feature is the Unlimited Tag Tester. It allows you to a/b test your meta titles and see which can provide the highest click through rate in the search engine results pages (SERP.)

This is useful for two reasons:

  • if you increase your CTR, you will get more organic traffic which means more revenue
  • once you increase the CTR of your organic results, your rankings on the SERP will also improve since the Google algorithm will think that you provide a better more relevant results for the search queries.
    And again: better ranking, more website traffic, more display ad revenue.

Multi-User Login: 

With the multi-user Login Ezoic Pro features you can create additional user logins and add them to your Ezoic account.

Then you can also customize the various access level of these users so you can specify who should access revenue or other analytics related reports and more.

Ezoic’s Advanced Video Features

With an Ezoic Pro subscription, you will also be able to do advanced video customizations with the video you upload and host with Ezoic.

Ezoic Leap

Ezoic Leap, the page speed and Core Web Vitals optimization tool of Ezoic is free for Ezoic users if they are monetizing their website with Ezoic.

However, if you are not yet monetizing with Ezoic yet, you can still use Leap but then you have to purchase an Ezoic Pro subscription.

Ezoic Leap can guarantee you that you make your website page speed great and pass Core Web Vitals while serving display ads on your website.

Ezoic Pro vs Ezoic Premium

Sometimes there is some confusion regarding the difference between Ezoic Pro vs Ezoic Premium.

Ezoic Premium is an invite-only program that also gives you access to extra features most importantly to direct brand deals that will improve your EPMV and get you more display ad revenue.

If you purchase Ezoic Premium with the Elite Level, then you are also going to be able to use all Ezoic Pro features for free.

Ezoic Pro Pricing: How much does Ezoic Pro cost?

Ezoic Pro is a relatively cheap Ezoic product.

A monthly Ezoic pro subscription costs $5.99 per month but you can also purchase Ezoic Pro with an annual commitment and save some money on it. An annual Ezoic Pro subscription costs $49.

There is also an Ezoic Pro 30-day free trial that you can try out and use the Pro features without any commitment and extra cost.

How to purchase Ezoic Pro?

If you decide to buy an Ezoic Pro subscription, here is how to do it.

To purchase Ezoic Pro:

  1. Log in to the Ezoic account dashboard
  2. Locate the Search bar in the top right corner
  3. Type ‘Ezoic Pro’.
  4. Click on ‘Ezoic Pro’
  5. Click on ‘Subscribe’.
  6. Select whether you want the annual or the monthly Pro plan
  7. Add your credit card details to finalize the purchase

Ezoic pro review: Is Ezoic Pro worth it?

All in all, we think Ezoic Pro is a worthy investment. If you can analyze the data that is provided in the Yield Report in Big Data Analytics you should be able to come up with insights that can make the Pro subscription fee 10 times back.

However, if you are making more than a couple of hundreds dollars on Ezoic, you are likely to be invited to Ezoic Premium soon. Then if you purchase an Ezoic Premium Elite plan, you will get all the Ezoic Pro features for free.

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