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Do you want to make sure your Facebook page is optimized so you can get the most out of your Facebook marketing? Use this Facebook page optimization checklist.

Download Facebook Page Optimization Checklist

We will go over the Facebook page optimization checkpoints in this tutorial, but you can follow along by getting the FB business page optimization checklist here that you can modify to your own needs:

Facebook page optimization checklist

If you want to learn more about Facebook page audit methods and tools, check out the article here:

You can also check out this video that will help you vith this:

Facebook page branding checklist

First, you want to make sure the branding of the Facebook page is optimized the right way. Here are some checkpoints you should go over:

Facebook page optimization checklist

  1. Is the Brand/Business name included in your Facebook page name?
  2. Can you find your Facebook page by searching for your brand name in Google?
  3. Did you claim and customize your branded Facebook page URL/ Facebook page username?
  4. Do we only have one Facebook page for our brand/company?
  5. Are parent/child Facebook pages hierarchies set up correctly?
  6. Is the Facebook Page visibility set to public?
  7. Did you connect your Instagram Business account to Facebook?
  8. Did you connect other social accounts to Facebook?
  9. Are the right categories chosen for this Facebook page?
  10. Did you try to get the Facebook page verified?
  11. Did you add a description to the About section?

Facebook page contact info checklist

Having all available contact information on your Facebook page is also essential as a lot of users use Facebook pages to find contact information of a business:

  1. Is the call to action button on the top of the page set up correctly?
  2. Is your website URL/Phone number/email address added to the About section?
  3. Is a location added to the about section?
  4. Are Business hours added to the About section?
  5. Did you add your Privacy Policy?
  6. Did you fill out the Products field in the About section
  7. Did you add anything to the Additional Information section?
  8. Did you set up a Price range?
  9. Did you select the most ideal Facebook page template?
  10. Did you reorder/customize your Facebook page tabs?

Facebook page media optimization checklist

If you want to have a credible Facebook page, you have to make sure that images, videos and gifs upload in Facebook posts or in Facebook page assets are visible in a nice and professional way. Here are some optimization checkpoints to go through:

  1. Is the profile picture uploaded in the right size?
  2. Is the Facebook cover photo the right size?
  3. Does the page cover photo has a CTA it?
  4. Does the description of the Cover photo have a link to a landing page?
  5. Do you have a Spotlight video added to your Facebook page?

Facebook page reviews checklist

Next, you have to make sure that the reviews of your Facebook page also show that potential customers can trust your company/store/brand:

  1. What is the current rating of the Facebook page?
  2. Are you replying to negative and positive reviews added to your Facebook page?
  3. What is the current response rate of your Facebook page?
  4. What is the current response time of your Facebook page?
  5. Did you set up automated instant replies for custom inquiries?

Facebook page business assets checklist

Although these are not necessary, setting up additional Facebook business assets and connecting them with the Facebook page can also have additional benefits that can help you optimize your Facebook page even more:

  1. Did you set up a Facebook Business Manager as well?
  2. Did you create a Facebook Ad Account?
  3. Did you create a Facebook Pixel and set up Pixel Events?
  4. Is a basic Messenger chatbot usable on your Facebook page?
  5. Did you create a Facebook group with your Facebook page?

Facebook page other checkpoints to check:

These are some checkpoints you should additionally have a look at:

  1. Did you add other admins to the Facebook page? (for safety issues)
  2. Are the roles and access levels are set up the right way?
  3. Did you go through the Settings page and make sure everything is set up right?
  4. Did you set up a Facebook Shop?

Facebook page content marketing checklist

Last but not least, if you want to have a successful Facebook page, you have to make sure your Facebook posts are getting the most engagement and reach as many users as possible.

Here is a Facebook page content marketing checklist that will help you reach that:

  1. Do you have clear goals and target with organic Facebook posts
  2. Are you currently measuring the FB posts performance consistently?
  3. Is there a content strategy in place?
  4. Do you have a content calendar for your Facebook posts?
  5. Have you experimented with all organic content formats?
  6. Are you repurposing Facebook post to Facebook stories?
  7. Did you connect a Facebook group your your Facebook page?
  8. Are you posting as a Facebook in the connected FB group?
  9. Are you inviting people liking th posts to like the Facebook page?
  10. Are open graph meta tags set up for your websites?
  11. Do you ask people who liked your posts to follow you?
  12. Do you pin your most important posts on the top of the FB page newsfeed?
  13. Do you schedule Facebook posts at the right time?
  14. Are you boosting successful Facebook posts?
  15. Are you repurposing content from other social channels?
  16. Do you UTM tag your organic Facebook posts (and ads)?

Facebook page checklists – Summary

So there you have it. Hope you found this Facebook page optimization checklist useful. Once again, you can download the Facebook page checklist here:

Facebook page optimization checklist

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