How To Find Facebook Page ID? [In 2024] (2 Methods That Work)

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In this short Facebook page guide we are going to show you two easy ways how you can find the Facebook Page ID easily:

  • how to find your Facebook Business Page ID within Facebook (works on a desktop computer)
  • how to find your Facebook Page ID by using 3rd party tools? (works on mobile as well).

Here you can watch a video that shows you this method of looking up the Facebook page ID:

If you can’t find the Facebook Page ID this way, you can also look it up in the Meta Business Suite:

How to find Facebook Page ID on Facebook?

Here is how to find Facebook Page ID:

  1. Open the Facebook page
  2. In the Facebook page tab row, click on the About tab. find Facebook page ID on the About tab
  3. Scroll down on the page.
  4. Here you can see the Facebook Page ID

Facebook page ID on the About tab

How to find Facebook Page ID on mobile app?

If you are on your mobile and can’t access a desktop computer, unfortunately, the above method won’t work to get the Facebook page ID. But don’t worry, you can still find out your Facebook Business Page ID easily.

In this case, you can use a third-party tools that will easily show you Facebook Page ID.

All you have to do is copying the URL of your Facebook Page then pasting the URL to a third-party tool that will easily provide you with Facebook Page ID.

One tool that works to finding Facebook Page ID in 2021 even if you are using a mobile phone:

Just open up this page and copy the URL of your Facebook page:

add the Facebook page ID

Then click on ‘Find Facebook ID’. Wait a minute about and it will show your Facebook page ID like so:

look up Facebook page ID

What is the Facebook Page ID?

Facebook Page ID is the unique identifier of a Facebook Business Page.

So, you shouldn’t confuse it with a personal profile page that can be used for personal purposes only. When you want to promote your business, you have to create a Facebook Business Page for that.

Facebook Page ID vs Ad Account ID vs Facebook Business Manager ID

You can own multiple Facebook pages at once, there is no real limit on how many Facebook pages you can create, so make sure you are searching for the Facebook Page ID you really need. You can also run ads from multiple Facebook Ad accounts promoting from one Facebook page.

You can organize these Facebook pages, Facebook Ad accounts under one Facebook Business Manager that also has a unique identifier.

If you now realized that you actually want to know how you can find your Facebook Ad Account id or your Facebook Business Manager ID, check out these articles:

Other Facebook IDs you can find

Here are some other Facebook IDs, you should know how to find:

How to get the Facebook Page ID – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions related to how to get the Facebook Page ID.

What is the best Facebook ID finder tool?

When it comes to Facebook Page ID finder, and worked the best for us.

How to find the Facebook Business Page ID on an iPhone or Android?

Unfortunately, on the Facebook mobile app, you can’t look up the Facebook page ID. If you are using your mobile phone, we would suggest switching to a desktop computer and use the above method to get the Facebook page ID.

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