How To Fix Facebook Business Page Not Working? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Do you want to post something from your Facebook business Page, but something is not working correctly? Or Facebook won’t load the Facebook page when you try to open the Facebook page?

In this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to explain the most common reasons why your Facebook page is not working or why Facebook pages are not loading and how you can troubleshoot these issues.

Why my Facebook business page is not working?

First, let’s briefly list out the most common issues that will cause the Facebook page not to work correctly or not even loading the Facebook page.

  1. Facebook or Facebook pages are down and
  2. You have been removed from the Facebook page
  3. The Facebook page is disabled because of Facebook policy violations
  4. The Facebook page is deactivated
  5. the Facebook page is working correctly, you have some other technical issues

Let’s discuss each of this one by one.

Facebook pages not loading because Facebook is down

First, it is possible, that you don’t have any issues with your Facebook page, your Facebook page is not working properly because Facebook has some technical issues.

You can test this by opening another Facebook page you have Facebook or Task access to it. If other Facebook pages are also not working it is possible that Facebook is down. Or the servers that operate the Facebook business pages are down.

You can check these server issues on this page:

In this case, you can’t really fix the Facebook business page not working issue, you have to wait for the Facebook developers to fix the server bug.

You can’t load the Facebook page because you have been removed from the Facebook page

A second reason why you might not be able to use the Facebook page is that another Facebook page admin has removed you from the Facebook page.

If they have removed and also banned you from the Facebook page, you won’t be able to load the Facebook page.

Whether your removal from the Facebook page was accidental or not, here you can find tutorials on how you can get back to the Facebook page:

Here you can watch a video tutorial on how to request access to a Facebook page:

Facebook business page is not working because it has been disabled

A third possible reason that the Facebook business page not working correctly is when the Facebook page has been disabled.

This is a serious issue so we have a separate guide on why Facebook pages can get disabled and how you can get your Facebook page back.

If your Facebook page has been disabled, you should get a notification and some explanation for why your Facebook page has been suspended.

If this is the reason why your Facebook page not working, definitely read our guide on disabled Facebook pages.

  • Facebook Page Disabled (Tobepublished)

You can’t load the Facebook business page, because the page is deactivated

If the Facebook page has suddenly disappeared from the public view, it is possible that a Facebook page admin has deactivated the Facebook page.

This means that the Facebook page is hidden from the public view, only Facebook page admins, editors, moderators or anyone with access to the Facebook page will be able to view the Facebook page.

If the Facebook page is deactivated, nobody will be able to create new Facebook posts or comment on the posts of the Facebook page.

Fortunately, you can activate a Facebook page back any time you want to do, check out this tutorial here for more details:

Facebook page is working correctly, you have some other technical issues

If you checked out all of these issues and it seems like none of these is the issue why you can’t load the Facebook page, then most likely the issue is with your computer, browser, or internet connection.

Here are the common technical solutions that can fix the Facebook business page not working correctly:

  1. Reload the Facebook page by refreshing the page.
  2. Check your internet connection by opening another website
  3. Log out and log back in to your Facebook account
  4. Clear the cache in your internet browser


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