8 Ways To Moderate A Facebook Page & Facebook Comments [in 2021]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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When you are running a successful Facebook page, it is inevitable that trolls or spammers will also show up on your page. In this Facebook page moderation tutorial, we are going to show you 8 ways how to moderate a Facebook page and more specifically how you can moderate the Facebook comment section.

We are going to explain:

  • 5 Facebook page moderation techniques
  • 3 Facebook comment moderation actions

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to moderate a Facebook page?

First, we want to share five Facebook page moderation techniques that work generally to keep your Facebook page clean from spam or unwanted posts. These are:

  1. Turn on the Facebook profanity filter
  2. Add block keywords
  3. Turn off Facebook page comments
  4. Limit who can post on the Facebook page
  5. Ban people from the Facebook page

If you are interested in any of these page moderation techniques then you can check out the dedicated tutorials for more details and step-by-step how-tos.

1. Turn on the profanity filter

The easiest low effort way to moderate a Facebook page is to turn on the Facebook profanity filter on your page.

how to turn on Profanity filter on a Facebook page

The profanity filter is working based on a Facebook algorithm, so Facebook will decide based on other pages’ data when a comment might contain a nasty or spammy word.

When the profanity filter is triggered, the Facebook page comment will be hidden.

2. Add block keywords to your Facebook page

A more controlled version of the profanity filter is the Block Keyword Facebook feature.

add block keywords to Facebook page moderation to hide spammy comments

You can add a list of keywords to a Facebook page and any time these keywords or the variation of these are mentioned, Facebook will hide these comments automatically.

3. Block comments on a Facebook page completely

With the Block Keywords Facebook page moderation feature, you can also try to disable Facebook comments on a page completely.

So if you want to completely turn off Facebook page comments you should add all the most frequently used English words to the block list and then Facebook is likely to block a high percentage of Facebook page comments.

This is a workaround solution, so make sure to add as many frequently used English words to the list as you can think of.

4. Limit who can post on your page

By default, people can also share posts on your Facebook page without you reviewing them before they appear on your Facebook page.

If you don’t like this Facebook page moderation setting, you can change this by

  • either turn on Facebook post approval, so you have to review the Facebook posts before they appear on your page (or you can reject them if you don’t find the post relevant)
  • or you can turn off Facebook page visitor posts completely, so nobody can post on your Facebook page.

5. Ban people from Facebook page

In the next section of this tutorial, we are going show you how to moderate specific comments under a Facebook page post.

But what if someone keeps commenting spammy or nasty stuff under your posts. In this case, we would turn to a more ‘radical’ Facebook moderation approach and simply ban the person from the Facebook page completely.

How to ban someone from a Facebook page

In that case, he wouldn’t be able to spam on any of our Facebook posts ever again.

Here you can find a tutorial on how to block someone from a Facebook page:

If you want to see the process of moderating comments when it comes to Facebook ads, check out this video tutorial here:

3 Facebook comment moderation actions for Facebook pages

In the first section of this Facebook page moderation tutorial, we have shown ways how you can moderate the Facebook page and a comment section generally.

Now, let’s have a look at what you can do to moderate specific Facebook comments.

1. Hide Facebook page comment

In most cases, the best option to get rid of someone’s comments is to hide the Facebook post comment.

hide a Facebook page comment from public

This comment moderation technique is great because the person who wrote the spammy or off-topic comment will have no idea

2. Delete Facebook page comment

If you want to be more strict with your comment moderation approach, you can simply just delete the Facebook comment.

how to delete a Facebook page comment

Although in this case, the user will be able to see that his comment was deleted, he won’t get notified about the comment removal.

3. Report Facebook post comments

Last but not least, one more Facebook comment moderation feature you should know about: you can also report Facebook post comments that you find inappropriate.

This will help Facebook to identify Facebook users who spam Facebook comments and they might get banned from Facebook permanently.

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