How To Share A Post As A Page On Facebook? [in 2024]

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If you are struggling with always creating new posts for your Facebook page, a great hack you can try is to share engaging posts of other relevant and well-known Facebook pages.

In this short Facebook page tutorial, we are going to show you how to share a post as a page on Facebook and also explain why it is actually a great practice you should try to do.

Why you should share posts of other Facebook pages?

Before we would show you the step by step of sharing Facebook posts as a Facebook page, here are some reasons why you should start sharing posts as a page on Facebook.

1.      You can capitalize on the success of other Facebook posts

If a Facebook post proves to be successful, you can have a good chance that it will get good organic engagement for your page if you share the post with your Facebook page audience as well.

2.      You can mix up the content of your Facebook page

If you are always sharing promotional stuff that doesn’t really create engagement, Facebook will stop giving you significant organic reach and even your followers might get fed up with the promotional stuff and stop following your Facebook page.

By sprinkling some engaging and fun posts into your Facebook content calendar you can make your Facebook page more attractive and as these engaging posts should also get higher engagement, Facebook might also increase the reach of your promotional posts as well.

3.      You can save a lot of time

Creating engaging, interesting Facebook posts can take huge time. Coming up with creative ideas and then implementing them, designing a creative, and then adding an engaging Facebook post description all takes time and energy.

If you share posts of other Facebook pages, you can pretty much skip 90% of the work and still get most of the benefits.

How to share a post as a page on Facebook?

Here is how to share a post as a page on Facebook:

  1. Open up your Facebook News Feed and go to a Facebook post that you would like to share
  2. Or you can also search for a specific Facebook page and search for the post that you want to share there.
  3. On the bottom right, you can see the ‘Share’ button, click on it.Share button on a Facebook post
  4. Now you get a dropdown with multiple share options. To share a post to your Facebook page, click on ‘Share to a Page’share Facebook post to a Facebook page
  5. Once you clicked on it, you have to select which Facebook page you want to share the FB post on.
  6. Finally, you can also tick the option if you want to include the original Facebook post to your shared post. In this case, the Facebook post will also show the Facebook page and the original description.include original post when share a post as a Facebook page
  7. Add your own description and commentary to the post, and then click on the blue ‘Share’ button.

That’s it, now you have successfully shared the Facebook post of another Facebook page.

Can’t share a post as a page on Facebook

If you can’t share a Facebook post as a Facebookpage, here are some things you have to keep in mind.

As we said, you can only share a Facebook post of another public Facebook page to your Facebook page. You can’t do that with Facebook posts of personal Facebook accounts.

You also won’t be able to share Facebook posts of a Facebook page if they have disabled the option to share their Facebook posts.

Last but not least, you have to have either a Facebook page admin or an editor access role to the Facebook page to be able to share posts as a Facebook page.

How to share Facebook page posts to personal profile?

If you want to share a Facebook page post on your personal Facebook profile, check out this video tutorial:

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Frequently Asked Questions – Share a Facebook post as a Facebook page

Why should I share posts of other Facebook pages on my page?

Sharing posts from other Facebook pages can help you capitalize on successful posts, mix up the content on your page, and save time by not having to create new content from scratch.

How do I share a post as a page on Facebook?

First, find the post you want to share on your Facebook News Feed or on a specific Facebook page. Click the “Share” button on the bottom right of the post and select “Share to a Page”. Choose which Facebook page you want to share the post on, add your own description, and click “Share”.

What should I do if I can’t share a post as a page on Facebook?

Make sure the post is from a public Facebook page and that the page has not disabled the option to share their posts. You also need to have admin or editor access to your Facebook page to share posts.

Can I share Facebook page posts on my personal profile?

Yes, you can share Facebook page posts on your personal profile. Check out the provided video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

What other things can I do with a Facebook page?

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