Ezoic Premium Review: Is Ezoic Premium Worth It? [in 2022]

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So have you been just invited to Ezoic Premium and you are not sure if you should purchase a monthly or annual Ezoic Premium subscription?

In this Ezoic Premium review article, we are going to cover everything you have to know about Ezoic Premium, its main features, its monthly subscription fee and whether Ezoic Premium is worth the purchase.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is Ezoic Premium and how does it work?

Ezoic Premium is an invite-only program for Ezoic publishers that allows you to make more money with display ads, access premium features and get premium support from Ezoic experts.

The biggest value proposition of Ezoic Premium is that you get access to direct brand deals not available for regular Ezoic Publishers.

Ezoic Premium provides programmatic guaranteed deals with specific advertisers interested in your website’s ad inventory.

These guaranteed deals tend to be at very high CPM rates but only on a limited amount of inventory.  This graphic shows how Ezoic Premium works:

what is Ezoic Premium and how does it work

To be able to join Ezoic Premium you have to have a certain revenue level (at least $50 per month) and have joined Ezoic for at least three months. Even if you meet all these criteria, you will have to be invited by Ezoic.

Also, Ezoic Premium is not free, you have to purchase a monthly or annual subscription of Ezoic Premium to be able to enjoy the benefits of the Ezoic program

Ezoic Premium Review: Should you purchase?

If you want to just get the main conclusion of this Ezoic Premium review:

yes, Ezoic Premium is worth it, you will always make more money on Ezoic Premium than without Premium and you also get more features and support on Premium.

There are some things we don’t like about the Premium program, like the fact that it doesn’t work on a revenue share model basis or that with an annual contract you can be locked into Ezoic but we will explain these later.

First, let’s talk about other Ezoic Premium features.

Ezoic Premium Features

As we have explained above, the most crucial feature of the Ezoic Premium is the direct access to guaranteed programmatic deals that will make you more money.

Besides this, you are also going to be able to get access to the following Premium features:

  • Unlimited tests with Tag Tester: you can test SEO meta title tags so you can improve the CTR of your organic search results
  • Get access to Ezoic Big Data Analytics earlier than regular Ezoic publishers
  • Quarterly review of your websites with an Ezoic expert
  • Free access to Ezoic Pro membership (only on Elite level plan)
  • Ad level reporting in Big Data Analytics
  • Access to Big Data Analytics API

Ezoic Premium Costs and returns

We have a separate in-depth article about Ezoic Premium pricing, so make sure to check that out if you are interested in more details, but here is the gist of how much does an Ezoic Premium subscription will cost for you.

There are three Ezoic Premium cost factors that will influence how much you have to pay for Ezoic to be able to join the Ezoic Premium program and make money with it.

Ezoic Premium Costs

The First Premium cost factor is your traffic level. If you have more traffic, you will be able to make more with Premium, but you also have to purchase a higher-priced plan.

Secondly, you can select between three premium levels: Basic, Preferred and Elite. They will have different monthly prices, Elite being the most expensive, but Ezoic should also bring you the most Premium revenue so in most cases, you should always select the Elite level.

Last but not least, you can pay for Premium with a monthly contract or with an annual commitment. If you commit to an annual commitment, you will have to pay less per month.

However, whatever Ezoic Premium plan you choose, you are going to make more money than your monthly premium subscription fee.

Ezoic Premium Free Trial

Even if you haven’t been convinced that Ezoic Premium is worth it for you, you should definitely take advantage of their Premium free trial offer.

In this 14-day Premium free trial period, you are going to see how much extra money you can make with Ezoic Premium. But you are going to make extra money with it no matter what even if you cancel your free trial.

If you decide that Ezoic Premium is not for you, you can just simply cancel your premium subscription at the end of this trial period. More info on that here:

Benefits of Ezoic Premium

Here are the main benefits of the Ezoic Premium program that makes it a no-brainer to join it:

Most importantly, as we have explained, you are going to make more money with Ezoic. To be honest, this is the main benefit, so you want to make your decision to purchase Ezoic Premium or not based on this.

Besides that, as we have explained above, you also get other benefits like get access to all features in Ezoic Pro for free and access to Ezoic experts that you can’t get without Ezoic Premium.

Cons of Ezoic Premium

All right, let’s talk about the things we don’t like that much about the Ezoic Premium program.

First, Ezoic Premium is invite-only. So If you have just signed up for Ezoic, you have to wait at least three months to be invited to join Ezoic Premium

Another negative thing about Ezoic Premium is that you have to pay the Premium subscription fee in advance. So to be able to make money on the Premium plan, you have first pay the subscription. However, it is still a good investment as you make your money back on it in the next month.

Related to this, we don’t like that Ezoic doesn’t offer a revenue share model with Ezoic Premium. It will be so much easier for Ezoic Publishers if they were to just get the extra revenue of Premium without any hassle whatsoever.

Last but not least, if you want to get the highest return on your Ezoic Premium subscription, you have to purchase an annual subscription of Ezoic Premium.

However, when you are on an annual plan, you got basically locked in with the annual contract as you have to pay a hefty cancellation fee if you want to leave the premium program before the end of the annual contract.

All in all, if you are already on Ezoic, then you should definitely take advantage of Ezoic Premium, you will make more money on it and there is basically no downside to it.

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