How To Find My Facebook Page? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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You don’t find your Facebook page and are worried that it might have got deleted?

Don’t worry, in this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to explain different methods how to find your Facebook page and why your Facebook might have disappeared.

Without further ado let’s dive in.

How to find my Facebook page?

First, let’s see if you really can’t find your Facebook page, so I’m going to show you all the ways how you can find your Facebook page.

1.      Search it using the Facebook search functionality

Just open up Facebook and look it up on Facebook by typing the Facebook page name into the search bar. In most cases, as you own the Facebook page, your Facebook page should show up for your query.

2.      Check the Facebook pages you have access to

You can also see a list of all the Facebook pages, you have access to by opening the link:

You can reach this page by opening up Facebook, and click on ‘Pages’ on the left column.

Here you can see all the Facebook page, your personal Facebook account has access to. You should be able to find the Facebook page if you have admin or any kind of page role access on it.

3.      Use an external link to find the Facebook page

If you can’t find the Facebook page with the following methods, it is possible that the Facebook page still exists but someone has removed you from the Facebook page.

You can check this by clicking on an external link that went to your Facebook page. If you can find the Facebook page this way but you can’t see the admin panel, you probably have been removed from the Facebook page.

4.      Find the Facebook business page using the Facebook page ID

If you don’t know about any external link pointing to the Facebook page, then you might try to find the Facebook page using the Facebook page ID.

Here you can find a tutorial about how to find my Facebook page using the Facebook page iD:

Can’t find the Facebook page

Here are the most common issues that will prevent you from finding the Facebook page.

1.      The Facebook page URL has been changed

If you bookmarked the Facebook page but you have changed the Facebook page URL, then probably this is the reason you

In this case, search for the Facebook page name or on either Google or Facebook to find the Facebook page

2.      Someone removed you from the Facebook page

If someone removed you as an admin from the Facebook page and then banned you from the Facebook page, you not only won’t be able to access the Facebook page admin area but you can’t even look up the Facebook page.

In this case, contact the other Facebook page admins and try to understand if they blocked you from the Facebook page or not. You can unban people from the Facebook page as we show here:

3.      the Facebook page is unpublished

If you or someone has unpublished the Facebook page which means that the Facebook page is hidden then you won’t be able to find the Facebook page on Facebook by searching for it.

Only the Facebook page admins, editor, moderators or if you have the new Facebook page experience, people with Facebook access or  Facebook task access will be able to find and access the Facebook page.

4.      the Facebook business page got deleted

If your Facebook account got hacked, it is also possible that someone has deleted the Facebook page.

In this case, you have 14 days to recover a deleted Facebook page. We have a separate tutorial on how to restore a deleted Facebook page here:

  • How to recover a deleted Facebook page. (Tobepulished)

Can’t find Facebook page in Facebook search results

If you can find the Facebook page by opening the link of the Facebook page but the page doesn’t show up in the Facebook search, then here is a tutorial that will help you troubleshoot this issue:

  • Why Is My Facebook Page Not Showing Up In Search? (Tobepulished)
  • Facebook SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Facebook (Tobepulished)

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