How To Link A YouTube Channel To Facebook Page? [in 2024]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you want to grow your YouTube channel then one thing that you can do on Facebook is to link your YouTube channel to your Facebook page.

In this Facebook page setup tutorial, we are going to show you how to link a YouTube channel to a Facebook page and also everything related to this that you need to know.

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to add a Youtube channel link to a Facebook page, check out this one:

If you are still using the classic Facebook page, here is how to link YouTube channel to a Facebook page

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

How to link a YouTube channel with a Facebook page?

Here is how to link a YouTube channel to a Facebook page:

  1. Open the Facebook page
  2. Scroll down to the ‘About’ section
  3. Click on ‘Edit Page Info’edit page info on Facebook page about section
  4. Click on the ‘More’ tab.more tab on a Facebook page
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Other Accounts’ section
  6. Click on the ‘+’ signlink youtube channel to Facebook page
  7. Add your YouTube channel name and select ‘YouTube’.

Now when you go back to the Facebook page, the YouTube channel will be linked to your Facebook page.

youtube channel link added to facebook page

Can’t add YouTube channel link to Facebook page

If you can’t add the YouTube channel link to the Facebook page it most likely has to do with your Facebook page role.

Only Facebook page admins can modify this ‘About’ section on the Facebook page. So you have to be a page admin to be able to link to the YouTube channel.

YouTube channel link missing from new Facebook page

If your Facebook page has been switched to the new Facebook page experience, it might be possible that the YouTube channel link has disappeared from the Facebook page.

Here is how to add the YouTube channel to the new Facebook page:

  1. Open the new Facebook page
  2. Click on ‘Edit details’
  3. Scroll down, and click on the pencil icon.
  4. Click on ‘Add a social link’.
  5. Select the ‘YouTube’ channel and add your YouTube channel name.
  6. Click on ‘Save’.

Add YouTube tab to Facebook page

You used to be able to add a YouTube tab to your Facebook page and there are still tutorials out there that show you how to do this.

However, we tried these methods and it seems that Facebook no longer allows these 3rd party tab apps to be functional.

Link other social media accounts to Facebook page

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Frequently Asked Questions – How To Add Youtube Link To Facebook?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to connecting a YouTube channel to a Facebook page:

YouTube Link Now Working on Facebook, why?

The most common reason why your YouTube channel link is now working when you click on it from the Facebook page is that you messed up the URL of the Youtube channel. Make sure to only add the name of the channel and do not add the ‘’ part of the channel URL. This way you can connect the Facebook page and the Youtube channel the correct way.

How To add Youtube Subscribe Link To a Facebook Page?

A second way to add a Youtube channel link to a Facebook page is to add it as the Facebook Page CTA button. In this case, you can also add the ‘?sub_confirmation=1’ URL snippet to the link, so the user will be asked to subscribe immediately after arriving on your YouTube channel.

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