How To Add A Website Link To Facebook Page? (2 Ways) [in 2024]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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At the end of the day, you want to drive some people from your Facebook page to your website. In this Facebook page marketing tutorial, we are going to show you two easy ways how you can add a website link to your Facebook page.

If you add both links, there is a higher chance that the Facebook user will click through the links and land on your website.

If you want to see how to add a website link to your Facebook profile in a video tutorial, check out this one:

How you can place a website link on your Facebook page?

Currently, there are two main ways how you can add a website  to a Facebook page:

  • you can add your website to the ‘About’ section of your page
  • you can add multiple CTA buttons under the Cover photo that lead to your website.

Let’s both of them in action, so you can copy us easily.

Add Website To a Facebook page About section

To add a website to a Facebook page:

  1. Open the Facebook page
  2. Scroll down to the About section.
  3. Click on ‘Edit page info’.edit page info on Facebook page about section
  4. Click on the ‘Contact’ tab.add website link to the Facebook page
  5. Add the website link there.
  6. Close the window.

The website link should now appear in your About section. The globe icon shows that it is a website link.

As you can see, you cannot only add the domain but also specify a certain URL of the website. So you could even create a special landing page for your Facebook page followers where you can let them know about any special promotion or anything like that.

One more thing you can do is to add Facebook UTM parameters, so you can easily measure in Google Analytics how many people land on your page from Facebook thanks to this website link.

Add website link to your CTA button

The other way to link your website or a page from the Facebook page is by adding a specific CTA button that also links to your website.

In our tutorial about the Facebook page CTA button, we have dived deeper into what CTA buttons you can choose,  and how to add them, here we are only going to mention which are the buttons where you can add a website link to the button.

Add ‘Learn more’ button to Facebook page

The most general way you can add a website link as a CTA button is by adding a ‘Learn more’ button to the Facebook page.

In this case, we would link the home page or a specific landing page for the Facebook page visitors.

Add Contact Us website link to Facebook page

If you want to drive people to a contact form on your website, then definitely add the Contact Us button as your call to action button under the cover photo.

Although this might be not the best option if you want people to contact you, we would rather suggest adding a Call or Email button directly to this button.

However, if you have a long contact form on your website, add the website link by adding this Contact Us button.

Play Game page link to Facebook page

If you are running a gaming website, then definitely add the Play Game button.

Just like with the buttons we have shown you so far, this also enables you to add a specific website URL to your Facebook page

Sign up button link to Facebook page

If you have a popular newsletter that is a very effective marketing channel for you, you can also add the URL of the website where people can sign up for this newsletter.

The Sign up button makes it obvious that you want people to sign up for this newsletter.

Use App website URL to Facebook page

If you are running an app business, adding the Use app button, you can drive people to the app store directly or to a page on your website.

Then they can then click on the link that takes them to the appropriate app stores.

Watch video website link to Facebook page

If you have a successful sales video or something similar, you can link the website URL where the video is placed.

In this case, you should definitely use the ‘Watch Video’ CTA button. People like watching videos so it should convert better.

If you have an eCommerce site

Last but not least, if you are selling products on your website, then you should definitely add the Shop Now button to your Facebook.

You can find more about that in this tutorial:

Can’t add website link on the Facebook page

If you can’t add the website link with any of the methods we have shown, that is most likely a Facebook page role issue.

Only Facebook page admins are able to add the website link whether it is the CTA button under your cover photo or a simple website link in the About section.

So if you have a lower Facebook page role, you will not be able to add the website link. Either ask for a Facebook page admin access or send this tutorial to the page admin and she should do it.

Other links besides the website link you can add to a Facebook page

Besides adding the website to the Facebook page, you might also want to drive people to your social media account or to your physical stores as well.

Here are some other links you can add to the Facebook page About section:

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